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Pax Persica Remembered...

Pax Persica Remembered
The Persian King's Political Will

Almost 30 years after the advent of the Islamic revolution in Iran, during which many signs of the Old Persian Empire and Heritage were banned from public eyes, they are anew regaining their value as symbols of honor and national pride. The more pressure to isolate the Islamic regime from world community because of its defying behavior, the more ideologues and opinion makers try to revive a sense of nationalism through remembrance of grandiose achievement of this nation as the cradle of human civilization.

Surprisingly, just recently the political will of Darius the Great 549/485 BC the Persian King appeared in an academic bulletin. The text of the bequest is quite clear and insightful and needs not further explanation here. Students of political science should read anew the content and elaborate on the matter in classes and dissertations.


"Now that I am passing from this world, there are twenty-five countries within the Iranian Empire that use our currency. Iranians are respected throughout the Empire, and likewise, Iranians respect people of these countries.My successor, Khashayar-Sha: you must try to keep these countries like I have done. This can be accomplished by not intervening in their internal affairs and by respecting their religions and cultures.Now that I am passing from this world, you have twelve korours in the royal reserve. This treasure is one of the pillars of your power because the king's power is not only dependent on the sword but also on his wealth. Keep in mind that you are to add to this reserve and not to deplete it. I am not saying not to use it in emergencies because the reason for this reserve is to be used when needed. However, at the first opportunity return to the reserve what you took. Your mother, Atousa, has been good to me; therefore, always arrange for her comfort and peace of mind.I have been building grain silos throughout the country for ten years. I learned cylindrical stone building techniques from the Egyptians. Grains remain unspoiled for several years in these silos, as they are continually being discharged and no insect infestation takes place. You must continue building silos after I am gone so that there are always two to three years worth of food supplies available. Use the existing grain to meet the demand after the new harvest, and store the new grain in the silos. Accordingly, you will never have to be worried about food in this country, even during continual drought for two to three years.Never appoint your friends and butlers to government posts, as your friendship alone should suffice them. If you appoint them to the government posts, and they do injustice to people and take advantage of resources, you will not be able to punish them. This is so because they are your friends and you unwillingly have to observe that friendship.

The water channel that I wanted to create between the Nile and the Red Sea is still under construction. You must finish this highly important and strategic project. The taxes to be imposed on ships should not be so high that sailors choose not to navigate the channel.""I have just sent an army to Egypt to bring order and security to that part of our jurisdiction. However, I did not have a chance to send an army to Greece. You must do this. Invade Greece with a strong army to show the Greeks that the king of Iran is able to punish those who created tragic events.My other advice to you: never let liars or flatterers near you as both tarnish your dynasty. Abandon the liars without mercy. Never let your ministers predominate people. I have created laws to prevent their predominance in taxation of people. The ministers and the people will be kept apart if you follow these laws.Keep the rank and file in your military satisfied, and do not ill-treat them. If you ill-treat them, they cannot reciprocate. However, in battles they would not serve you by not resisting the enemy.Continue the educational programs that I started. Let everyone read and write to improve their understanding. As people comprehend more, you will be able to rule with more confidence. Support Zoroastrian religion but never impose it on any people. Always keep in mind that everyone should be free to follow his preferred religion.After my death, wash my body, rap it with the shroud I have prepared, and put it in a stone coffin. Place the coffin in my grave and leave it uncovered to remind you, whenever you visit my grave, that even your father and the king of twenty-five countries die

You will too. This is everyone's destiny, whether a king of twenty-five countries or a prickly-bush pickers. No one is eternal. Whenever you come to visit my grave you will be overcome by your pride. However, when you see your death coming, cover my grave and ask your son to leave your grave uncovered so that he can see you.Never be the judge and plaintiff at the same time. If you have a grievance, arrange for an unbiased third party to judge the case. The case will not be judged fairly if the plaintiff serves as the judge.Never stop development projects. As a matter of fact, the country will suffer if you stop development. Well drilling, road construction, and city planning should have highest priorities.Do not forget generosity. Second to justice, generosity and forgiveness are the best characters of kings. But forgiveness is only applicable to those who have done wrong to you, not to others. If you forgive a person who has harmed someone else, then you have done injustice.I have made my remarks in the presence of others so they know I have given you the above advice prior to my death. Now, leave me alone as I feel my death approaching."


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